My Worst Blog

I will be a fool not to acknowledge your awareness of climate change. I need not tell you that the icebergs are melting, and the sea levels have risen over time. But this blog is not about world climate nor the definite destruction that is coming towards us—this article is about me because I am important. Just today, I paid for the renewal of this website and the domain. I have to justify the investment, and who doesn’t like to type in the middle of the night sitting on a comfy sofa.

Where are my manners? Thank you for reading this blog. Did I tell you how much I like you? You are my good friend, and that’s why you are reading this, right?

That’s me in lift. On the way to throw garbage.

It’s only few more hours to go for New Year. I also wanted to end this year’s last blog with gratitude. I want to show my appreciation to all my friends and family for believing in me. They always thought that I wouldn’t become a great man. And I am proud to prove them right.

So where have I been? Why didn’t I write for so many days? I was busy with silly, petty things in life. I moved to a new city – Bangalore. Guwahati was where I started this blog, and I am happy to say I am writing the last blog of the year in a different city. I always wanted to come to Bangalore, and destiny decided to keep me happy. Thank you, future, not that I believe in you.
I got a job in a pretty cool start-up called Entropik Tech. What do I do there? I help with the events marketing & competitor analysis strategy for it. I saw the making of a product. From inception to “still to be released Beta version.”

Special thanks to my friends Kushal and Martin for opening up their hearts and houses for me in Bangalore. I stayed with each of them for a month, bought a new scooter, and took in love for driving. I feel so alive and in control. A few days back, I got scolded by a friend for using earphones while driving. I now get his point. I could have caused an accident.

While my friends are buying flats and cars, I bought a scooter. I am very slow in life.

This year was fun and life-changing, from quitting my job to getting a new one and moving to a new city. I miss all the friends I met throughout my life. I am sorry for not reaching out to them to say hello.

Abhijit, Martin and Kushal in Ooty.
Kushal, Martin and me on our way back from Ooty.

I am closing this blog now. I know you guys will drink responsibly tonight. Happy New Year!

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