A game of Jolochip – the hottest chip on earth

Mukesh Aampani is considered to be the richest man in India. He made a Burj Khalifa for himself according to Indian standards. He has a daughter and is looking for a suitable son-in-law. But the trick is, this person doesn’t have to be rich but have to have the guts to eat 10 Jolochips in one go. Bachelors without job to IIM graduates all lined up with marriage proposals outside Pantilla (Mukeh’s house). One enthusiast named Ravi said, “My mother cooks the hottest and the spiciest food in the whole town. I have been eating this since I was a kid, I think I can handle 10 Jolochips. Its all marketing tactic you know, actually they aren’t so hot“. Ravi was rushed to the hospital when he attempted to eat his 3rd chip. The number of turnouts came to be so high that MTV India hosted their one episode of Roadies outside Pantilla. The challenge for the episode was for the participants to sell Bisleri water bottles to the youngsters who came for the marriage. MTV is said to have made a big profit that day. “Our marketing head came up with this idea. Why not ask the participants to sell water bottles to the people waiting in the queue and we make money as well as an episode for the show“, the director for the show said.

Thousands of youngsters had to return home with nothing but failure and bad stomach from Pantilla. Out of all, Mukesh Aampani was the saddest person who could not find his suitable son-in-law. Many days passed and the news spread to the Northeastern state of Nagaland. One worthy Konyak warrior came out of his kitchen claiming to win the competition and booked his flight for Mumbai. Joseph Konyak is considered the best Bhoot Jolokia/Raja Mircha eater in the whole state. He won many competitions on this.

Ghost Pepper/Bhoot Jolokia/Raja Mircha

Joseph was determined that he would win this challenge and bring glory and most important money to the state of Nagaland. No one was talking about Mukesh’s daughter. They were all after the money Mukesh owned. Even the one who wrote this article didn’t even think once on naming the girl. This was Joseph’s first time eating the Jolochip. The competition was held at the house garden and Mukesh was watching Joseph eat his first Jolochip from his house porch. Joseph successfully ate 6 chips, his breathing was getting heavier, his eyes red, his whole face looked about to burst out in the open. He broke down at the seventh Jolochip. He was rushed to the hospital and is recovering from the trauma Jolochip created. “I am never touching this evil chip from hell again. This chip is possessed by the devil himself“, Joseph said after he was released from the hospital.

Till day Mukesh Aampani didn’t find his son-in-law. Rumors has is that more than 500 people were rushed to hospital who took part in the competition. If you believe you can crack this competition and one day own the Pantilla, start with one Jolochip. They cost only Rs 199 per packet. You can order them from Amazon. Wanna try the devil’s chip? Click the Jolochip image below,

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