Alien abducted Justin Bieber fan returned to earth

In 2012, Matt Higgins went missing after he was coming back from a house party in Oakland, California. “The dude owed me money. At first I thought he was hiding just not to pay me back. After a time we all got worried. Still I sold his computer to a friend of mine and got back what he owed me. I feel bad for the dude now”, remembers his flat mate Josh who has side parted brown dyed hair which hides his left eye. Matt was a big fan of Justin Bieber. He once bribed a security guy to get a pass to meet Justin at one of his concert. Sources confirmed, the security guy took the money and instead sent Matt to the make up artist’s room. Matt attended the concert in clown make up that day.

Matt was missing for the last 8 years. The police department closed the case when they found no clue after 3 years of rigorous searching. It all took a turn when Matt suddenly appeared on February 5, 2021 at the same location from where he was abducted. He claims to be abducted by aliens. “They look just like us. I know you won’t believe me, but I was kidnapped by them. They have this big spaceship they called Motherboard upon which I was experimented for 8 years. I still don’t understand why they let me go. I miss my mom”, commented Matt when asked what he had to say. Matt’s flat mate Josh added, “He must be shocked to find out that I sold his computer. The Motherboard he mentioned, could be the motherboard from the computer that I sold.” Some locals claim it could be his singing that tortured the aliens instead. “Those creepy aliens must have no other option but to drop this kid back to earth. Imagine yourself listening to Baby, baby, baby..ooooo… for 3 fucking straight hours. If it wasn’t the aliens, I would have abducted that kid and stuffed him with cotton and suffocated him to death”, one local said.

Matt is now being sent to Area 51 for further screening and testing. A glowing tattoo was found on Matt’s back that reads, “We feel sorry for you guys. Really! Justin Bieber?” Experts say, it was the aliens that put that tattoo on Matt’s back. Justin Bieber’s bad singing saved Matt from the aliens. Bieber was all they could find inside Matt’s head. Had he been a Motorhead fan, they would have kept him for eternity. Aliens are now finding its way into metal music. There are bands like Blood Incantation and Shadow of Intent whose lyrics revolve around the alien life and the universe. Blood Incantation wrote an whole album called Hidden History of the Human Race. Check out below.

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