What went down at The Basement Garage Gig in Shillong

Shillong had its first metal (basement garage) gig on January 30, 2021. Thanks to TNT – The Northeast Today for that two and a half minute video on their YouTube Channel. Honestly, I think they could have done much more. Nangsan however made his point in those two minutes. It was an invite only gig and the people in attendance were somewhere around 50. Guwahati had its first metal show for the year 2021 in January too. If you are disheartened by that TNT coverage and want to see more of what REALLY went down, check out Baio’s vlog below on the whole gig. Thanks to Baio, who documented the whole show, we know now. Bands that played the show were Eternal Scorn, Dead Calm Chaos, Wreckless Shadow, Wicked Child (bye the way they played Blitzkrieg Pop), Age of Dios and Awakening.

Baio, the bassist for Wreckless Shadow documents The Basement Garage Gig

The band I enjoyed the most was Eternal Scorn. They went on a hiatus for few years. It was their return to the scene. I was blown away by their song RCD (Rice Cooker Destroyer) when i first heard them back in 2017. These guys are thrash as fuck. But they really won my heart when I saw their tribute to Riley Gale with their cover of Soul Sacrifice and Executioner’s Tax at the Basement Garage Gig. Thank you Eternal Scorn. Hails!

Eternal Scorn – RCD

Check out Eternal Scorn’s cover of Soul Sacrifice and Executioner’s Tax below.

Eternal Scorn’s tribute to Riley

Finally thanks to Nangsan for organizing this gig. Also I feel, Nangsan has been reading a lot of inspirational books, you would often hear him say “If you are to make it happen, it’s just you and no one else. Have faith in yourself, be hopeful. Just do it, have that confidence. Believe in yourself.” This comes from the most down to earth guy in the whole Indian Metal Scene. Take it seriously kids. You would go places.

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