Boyfriend gets himself locked up to avoid Valentine Day’s expense

In one of the bizarre turn of events, one police station in Guwahati had to lock up a guy for no reason. The guy threatened the officer-in-charge that if he is not put inside the lock up, he would reach out to the officer-in-charge’s wife and inform her that her husband spends his time playing jhandi-munda with his friends after duty hours. The guy claims to have photo proofs. “I was left with no choice. If my wife gets to know that i play jandi-munda after duty hours, I won’t be eating at my house for the next few days. I may even be blackmailed to buy her new make up from Nykaa“, the officer-in-charge mentioned. We are not sure how safe is our officer-in-charge now, now that we have already published it on internet.

The guy behind the bar was not ready to speak to our reporter on why he requested to be locked up. On mentioning free Spotify Premium access for 12 months, our guy started talking. “I cannot take those advertisements on Spotify anymore. That Indian accent, somebody gotta stop that“, the guy burst out. We were able to find out that the guy’s girlfriend is very expensive to maintain. “I gave her an iPhone12 back in December and I am still paying the EMIs. Now she is asking for a Goa trip on Valentine’s Day. My father would denounce me if I ask him for more money. I had to ask him for money this Bihu to buy new genji. I plan to stay in lockup until this valentine shit is over.

The news spread like fire and now there is a line of boyfriends outside many other police stations.

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