Could Wars be Manufactured?

Ceasefire has been placed on 20th May 2021. Did you know that the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was given 28 days to form a coalition government until May 5, 2021?

“Netanyahu is playing on the operation in Gaza to use up the days given to Yesh Atid head Yair Lapid for the mandate to form a government, without any real plan.”

-The Jerusalem Post

I needed to let it out, the anger and the despair over the current Israel-Palestine war. Each morning I turn on my computer hoping that ceasefire has been placed but the news reports the worse with each passing day. Civilians are still dying on both the sides.

On Twitter I see people praising Israel for its war against terrorism. They believe that all Muslims are terrorists. If you are one of them, stop reading this blog post and move on with your life as if you didn’t see this post.

There’s this video circulating on Twitter which justifies Israel’s retaliation against the Hamas and it makes sense too. So I thought I would do some more digging on the internet and the below is only my hypothesis. I thought I should read articles on the matter from not just India(where I belong) but from all over the world. I wanted to see what South Africa has to say, or what Russia is saying. Every country’s media is divided is what I found. Also its the small publication houses who were giving interesting facts that you won’t see in mainstream media. There are a lot of things which are being kept hidden from us on purpose.

Yuval Noah Harrari is a professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is the author of the best selling non-fiction book, Sapiens. He writes,

It’s probably not a coincidence that the current wave of violence broke out just as a government was about to rise up that leans on cooperation between Jews and Arabs. There are factors on both sides that feed on hate and will do anything to prevent coexistence. We can’t let them win. It is essential to hurry up and form a government in cooperation with the Arab parties. This is the way to stop the cycle of hatred, save the fabric of our shared life, and make it clear to extremists on both sides that they will not be able to destroy our country.

There are 120 seats in the Israel Parliament and the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs 61 seats to win majority. He was given 28 days by the President of Israel to form the coalition before May 5 but he failed.

After Netanyahu failed, the President invited the Opposition leader Yair Lapid to form the coalition.

And just after this decision was taken, on May 7th Al Aqsa Mosque was targeted to incite violence. Israel very well knew that Hamas would retaliate if they attacked Al Aqsa Mosque and that too during Ramadan. So why did Netanyahu ask his force to attack the people who went for worshiping? Was this war manufactured for political gains?

Israeli police fired stun grenades at the Aqsa Mosque compound on May 7. Credit…Ammar Awad/Reuters

Also an interesting fact that I found is that there is an Islamist Political Party named as ‘Raam‘ in Israel.

Ceasefire Announced

I am happy to update this information on the blog that ceasefire has been placed in the Israel-Palestine conflict after 10 days of war. Rumours are flowing in that Netanyahu was using the war to use up the time given to Yair Lapid to form the Government within 28 days.


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