Do you read my blogs?

Do you guys really read my blogs or just hit the like button when it shows up on your screen? Is it a courtesy towards me for liking some of your posts in the past?

Recently I have been getting likes on my blog posts and that’s a really good thing for me. But I am not sure if people are really reading them. I don’t want likes just for the sake, I want honest feedback on how my posts are doing.

Are they interesting? Are they boring? Are there grammatical errors? Any feedback would help.

I think we can all help each other. If you want me to read your post and provide feedback on them, let me know on the comments section.


  1. Sometimes I read the post. Sometimes I don’t. I know everyone who likes my blog doesn’t read it all the time but for me there is encouragement and support when someone at least views the page and hits like. Giving a blog a like may also encourage others to read to read it. I’m more likely to read blogs that like mine that’s for sure. Comments are best of course, but some of them are the same as a like. Thanks for letting me explain my view on this.

    1. Thank you for taking out the time to read and comment on it. Definitely agree with your thought. Likes really does encourage a blogger.

    1. Thank you for dropping by Mitch. I would suggest you read the post, Market Day in India. Would appreciate any feedback regarding the post. Have a great one ahead.

  2. I sometimes wonder the same thing. But I don’t worry about it that much, I just do like Goff suggested, I “accept each like as a gift.” On the other hand, I like to read others’ blogs before liking or commenting because I like to know what I’m liking and commenting on. LOL 🙂 And I love getting feedback!

    1. Thank you. I do the same. Reading other’s blogs definitely inspires and I will surely check out yours’ and leave any feedback that could be helpful.

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