When Earth Broke in Two – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Raid

Earth 1 has called all its forces once again for another raid to New Earth. Even though Earth 1 has its own oil fields, it is reserving it for the future. Its most recent plan is to raid one of the oil fields in New Earth. This raid would require a tight coordination – first to attack and neutralize the New Earth forces on duty at the oil field, and at the No Spacecraft Zone, then load the oil barrels into the ships and finally evade. General Matt Zorgov is expecting major casualty at this raid, but is left with no choice as the Head Party has already sealed the order.

The order has been released on the secret frequency for all the Earth 1 defense forces. Both the rival planets have been trying to hack into each other’s frequencies since the time they got created. Miguel, the pilot for one of the ships which will join the raid, received the message on the frequency, that all defense personals have been called to their bases. Miguel idolized General Zorgov. He wants to meet General Zorgov and personally thank him for unintentionally saving him from the New Earth forces decades ago.

All defense personals were briefed for the next 3 days on the mission. There would be a total of 25 destroyer ships and 4 carriers ships. Each carrier ship can hold 10,000 barrels of oil and each destroyer ship can transport 1,000 earthlings. But this time, most of the destroyer ships would not carry more than 20 earthlings each. On the final day of raid, General Zorgov came on the big screen to congratulate all the earthlings who would die in the line of duty. “You will all be remembered, till the day earthlings are alive. We thank you for your sacrifice. Congratulations on being a martyr“, said Zorgov, his voice not matching his expression.

All ships rose above ground and were taking off one by one. The carrier ships were kept in between the destroyer ships. Miguel was in the back squad who would join the primary team on the raid. Nearby locals waved them good luck. Parents watched their sons and daughters take off for New Earth on their television. At 0:37 hours, the first destroyer ship entered the No Spacecraft Zone. And with that all Earth 1 ships lighted up on New Earth’s radar. New Earth activated its anti-spaceship system, firing multiple missiles aiming at Earth 1’s destroyer ships. Eighteen Earth 1 destroyer spaceships engaged and destroyed multiple New Earth’s anti-spaceship defense system, buying some time for Miguel and team to sneak into the oil fields. The rest 7 destroyer ships deviated from the route and took the carrier ships to the oil fields in New Earth’s Sudan region.

New Earthers were busy fighting the earthlings at the No Spaceship Zone. The rest 7 earthling ships and the four carriers landed at Sudan’s oil field and started stabilizing the outnumbered New Earther defense force. The New Earthers surrendered and Earthlings did not take much time to load the oil barrels into the carrier ships. “The package is on board and ready to head for home“, notified one of the destroyer ship to Defense HQ. 7 destroyer ships did not return Earth 1. Miguel’s team were able to get 8,000 barrels of oil. Upon their return, General Zorgov congratulated them on television and asked all the Earthlinks to be prepared for a retaliation from the New Earthers. He said, “Do not think this is the end, they will come for revenge, be prepared for the worse“.

766 years ago, both the planets were part of a bigger planet, named, Earth. Earth broke in two when 768 years ago, a strange phenomenon called the floor cracking started happening. It began as small cracks in the north and south poles of then Earth. Humans(inhabitants of Earth) blamed it on climate change. Within 2 years the cracks broke Earth in two pieces. Huge Tsunamis killed more than 1 Billion humans. Before the Tsunamis, when humans understood that Earth would break in two, they started shifting to their choice of Earth side. Those two sides are now called as Earth 1 and New Earth. This raid has only made things worse for both the planets.

Chapter 2 up soon. Until then why don’t you check out this interesting article on SpaceX’s Secret Mission.

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