Employee quits job on not getting salary for February 30 and 31

Richard Wong was working with his company for more than 6 years. He was one of the most consistent performers from his team. He was last given the task of mentoring the new hire who some describe as trouble. The new hire went with the name Robert Johnson and some claimed that he sold his soul to he devil at the crossroad. Robert had a lot of questions for Richard and that’s when things went south. “I told him there is no February 30 and 31 in any year and that new guy Robert was only making him confused. How do you expect to get paid for the days that don’t exist?“, commented Richard’s long time colleague Adam while taking a bite from an apple.

Richard quit his job because he suddenly got to know to that he was not getting paid for February 30 and 31 for the past 6 years. He wrote an email to the HR Head and Payroll, asking for his arears or else he would quit his job. “Everybody tried to convince him but he won’t listen to anyone except the new hire Robert. I moved Robert to a different team and now suddenly everybody on that team is reading Doctor Faustus at their break hours“, Richard’s manager said. The company even showed him calendars from previous years but Richard maintains that they must have erased the dates and there is a conspiracy against all employees around the world. Many colleagues told him that if that was the case then how did he live without noticing this for all his lifetime. Richard said, “Give me back my money and I will tell you. Pay me back need my money.

Since no one was able to convince him, the company had to let go of Richard. Robert also quit his job soon after Richard did. Richard was last seen at Adam’s marriage ceremony where he brought a snake with him whom he named Robert.

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