Gojira New Song Born for One Thing Out Now

French quartet Gojira dropped their new song Born For One Thing yesterday. The riffs will keep you hooked and Joe Duplantier’s vocals never disappoints you. It comes out with the same anger as you have heard a decade ago. The music video is intense and to be very true I am still trying to decrypt it. If any of you can crack that for me please comment below. Of all things, people are more concerned to see Mario Duplantier wearing a shirt in the video. The song is from their new forthcoming album titled Fortitude which will come out on April 30 through Roadrunner Records. You will find the whole track list for the album below.


01 Born for One Thing
02 Amazonia
03 Another World
04 Hold On
05 New Found
06 Fortitude
07 The Chant
08 Sphinx
09 Into the Storm
10 The Trails
11 Grind

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