Guy puts sugar in Maggie, gets banned from kitchen

The metalhead was listening to Pune based Dead Exaltation‘s new album Despondent when he did this grave mistake. His only task was to boil water in a pan for 2 minutes, open the maggie packet and place the maggie into the pan. His mother threw sandal at him but sources confirmed there is no scar on his face and he is all set to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Our sources on ground interviewed the guy on what went wrong. “I was listening to the track The Psychology when I think I put the sugar into the maggie. That acoustic element at the end of the song, fuck man, that took me to a trance field“, said the 30 years old guy. His mother warned him not to enter the kitchen again with headphones on. His mother was screaming, “gadhaa” when she saw him hold the sugar container. “I tried to stop him. These kids today, need their headphones all the time. I was shouting, he won’t listen because of the high volume. So I used my primitive weapon, chappal. I think I did the right thing and I will do it again“, said the mother.

Even though the metalhead put the blame on Dead Exaltation’s song, he stands by the whole album. He pleads all other metalheads in India to listen to the new album Despondent.

From their Bandcamp Page:-

DESPONDENT is the debut album by Indian tech/prog death metal trio Dead Exaltation. They began in 2015, drawing inspiration from a variety of bands including Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, Gorod, Spawn of Possession, and Cynic. Throughout their existence, the band has focused on creating thought-provoking, concept-based lyrics and song structures adorned with complex rhythms and melodies, as well as an old school sensibility.

Musically it centers around the engaging guitar-work that blends in elements from classic death metal as well as progressive metal, searing through chaotic sections with a melodic sensibility. The vocals and percussion make sure never to let the extremity cease, supplementing the guitarwork with necessary brutality.

Lyrically the band creates a conceptual story that continues with every song. It revolves around a psycopath warden who runs a prison holding innocent people picked up from the streets. The guards of the prison are cannibal psychopaths who do not refrain themselves from torturing, killing and eating people. Like every good tale, this story is divided into three acts: the incidents, the psychology of the warden, and an investigation leading to a brutal and bloody end of the story.

With the release of their debut album, Despondent, on February 5, Dead Exaltation is all set to introduce the world to their sonic craft.


  1. Who would put sugar in Maggie? But I know of somebody who put Maggie in a frying pan and turn on the stove and wasn’t understanding why the soup didn’t appear. True story. 😭

      1. No it wasn’t me. It was a work colleague. I make my soups from scratch with fresh ingredients and cook gourmet meals at home. 🤍

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