Heavy Metal Hitchhiker – NEW Comedy Series

Do you say ‘brutal‘ instead of ‘nice‘ when you come across a band that hits you hard? If your answer is ‘fuck yeah!‘ or ‘hell yeah!‘, you are definitely a metalhead. So here’s a treat for you all metalheads in the middle of this pandemic. The Canadians at BangerFilms have been waiving the flag for heavy metal for quite a long time and now they have released a trailer for a new comedy series called Heavy Metal Hitchhiker.

The trailer begins with Power Trip‘s Crucifixation which talks about political wars. The 8 episode comedy series is about a guy named Mitch, who has to deliver a stranded guitar for his favourite band called Ragr. The episodes will be made live to stream later this month. The series is directed and co-written by Marc Ricciardelli (“Shredders Of Metal”, “Protest The Hero: Of Our Own Volition”) and stars comedian Garrett Jamieson. Check out the trailer below;

Check back on April 20 to stream the first episode on BangerTV’s YouTube channel.

Can’t wait to watch it? Why don’t you check out another heavy metal comedy movie from Finland till then. This one is in Finnish, so turn on your subtitles. You can stream it here.

If you have read till here, check out this brutal old school death metal band from the foothills of Himalaya, Ladakh – Langdarma.

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