High Petrol Price, a Masterstroke by Government

With petrol price reaching its all time high, North Delhi resident Manoj Sharma, owner of Bajaj Chetak finally decided to sell his 25 years old scooter to kabadi wala. “I quit! My chetak has taken me many places but with the current rise in petrol price, I cannot take him anywhere anymore. It was my only savior which my wife loathed. She never sat on it and that’s what I exactly wanted. But enough is enough, it eats petrol just like any dulha’s guests who eats at marriage receptions. I will miss my chetak.” Many proud owners of scooters and motorbikes in India are now selling their vehicles since they can’t afford the petrol which is being sold at its all time high. The petroleum minister is blaming the high price on Covid. “Because of Covid, production is low and low production leads to high price. But as soon as Covid hit India, my migrant brothers and sisters understood it better. They opted to walk when the prices were not even so high, they are the real atmanirbhar bhartiya“, said the petroleum minister.

Mr. Manoj is now thinking of visiting Decathlon’s bike section. In India bike is being referred to as cycle and motorbike is being referred to as bike. With so much confusion already going on, Mr. Manoj’s wife is pressuring him to buy the new Hyundai i10, “Ab to pados wale, Sharma ji ke pass bhi i20 hai, hum bhi to ek le hi sakte hai“. Mr. Manoj was just picking the hammer to smash it on his wife’s head but our reporters on the ground held him and calmed him down. “Pagal ho gayi hai ye aurat, gaadi to kharid lenge par petrol kaun dalwayega?“, an angry Mr. Manoj shouted. With no solution in sight, Mr. Manoj has decided to write to the petroleum ministry asking for a saanp sidi (some call it subsidy). Delhi Government has announced introduction of electric buses and cars. They are even giving a subsidy on road tax and registration fee for electric car owners.

This high price in petrol is actually a master stroke by our Government to advocate electric cars. Indians were jumping when they heard Tesla would set up its manufacturing unit in India but little did they know that Tesla was just joking. The government either wants you to use public transport or buy an electric car or the best of all, start walking like our migrant laborers did. They are still to receive their certificate of marathon completion. “Our expert team expect all Indians to walk by the end of 2021, this would not only make them fit but also reduce pollution”, the petroleum minister said.

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