How to survive with NO MONEY

All you got to have is friends. Friends who argue with you all the time. Friends who say, “FUCK YOU” to your face. If you got those bastards in your life. You are saved.

You will get the aforementioned friends in plenty when you grow up. But if they stick, till you are 50, they are the ones. I know the timeline is too much. I am sorry bro. The ones who are loud, who are obnoxious, who are dead drunk all the time. Obviously I have exaggerated too much. But if they throw their hand when they themselves have nothing, they are the ones.

Making friends in school is easy. You think twice making friends in college and you think hundreds of time making that colleague your friend in office. And you think thousands of time making that friend your business partner. It only gets complex. So how do you know, who is the one for you. Here are few metrics below. I have passed out from Harvard, so I have the right to tell. Don’t believe? Check my LinkedIn profile. Ok, I’ve lied. So did most of your ministers who govern you now. Some have murder charges, you know where I am going.

  1. He/she is always drunk. I am kidding, no such thing as that. But that friend always tells you, you are drunk, you should go home.
  2. He/she has a lot of money. Again, no such thing. But that friend always helps you out financially. My that friend is Biplob.
  3. He/she has a human side. My all friends and colleagues have that side. They would go out alone and fight, if they see something is wrong on the road.
  4. He/she covers up your mistakes. I personally feel that is wrong. Everyone should own his/her mistakes, but if you got that friend, who would take the blame for you, I need not say more.
  5. He/she introduces you to new movies, songs, books. This category of friend is very much important. If you got this species in your life, keep them in your treasure vault. Luckily I have lots. The ones that are reading this post, are the ones.
  6. He/she comes to funerals. This my friend, is the top most important spot. This shows, they care. This is when you are most broken. And if you got that person, standing next to you, he/she just did his/her part.

Obviously you know Queen, the band. So here is that song, that I heard, when I was in class 8, Friends will be friends. Just smoke up that pipe, if you are alone. Call your friends. Take that burden off your shoulder. Drop that ego. Drop those expectations. Meet that person as a person.

If you are looking for a movie to watch on friendship, try this one.

The Outsiders

I agree, the blog title is deceptive. I have no solution to the problem. But you will make it if you got those friends in your life. Be poor, but have friends. Life will be easy.

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