India Is Divided On Ukraine-Russia War. I Am An Indian, And This Is What I Think.

Actor turned President – Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the trenches.

I wanted to write about my feelings about the Ukraine-Russia war. This war is going down in history books, and I wanted to share my thoughts, my side of thinking, which side I support, and why. 

Please note that these are my personal feelings. I do not know all the facts. These are all based on my assumptions. But if you find something very misleading, please let me know to correct it. 

If you have noticed, unlike the popular style of writing, I wrote it backward and not Russia-Ukraine War. I am guessing this is enough for you to understand whose side I am on. 

And why am I choosing Ukraine? It’s straightforward; I’m not too fond of it when a powerful country tries to invade a smaller government. Innocent people die, and their family becomes refugee for centuries. Putin just made millions of people homeless, and some will have to live with the trauma of war and lose their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and even their pets. Many won’t be going back to their homes after the war ever. They will forever have to live with the memory of their house, no matter how small it was. Some would even start to forget what color the wall was. 

Putin is attacking Ukraine because NATO forces are getting closer to Russia. If Ukraine joins NATO, it will bring NATO forces just next to its border. And we all know how cunning is the United States. See how I got the United States out of nowhere? That’s because this war is all the doing of the United States. If anyone is to blame for this war, it is the United States. It is the United States who wants to be near Russia’s border. Putin is not fighting Ukraine but the incoming United States.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President, is on the frontline. Why is Putin in his cabin? Why don’t they both fight it out and save millions of innocent lives?

But no matter what, nothing justifies the deaths of civilians. Putin has to win this war, or else he would lose all respect. He is already fighting people within his own country who have come to support Ukraine. Putin must win this war, or he will lose all he has built over the years.

All United States had to say was, “Ukraine will not be a part of NATO.” This one single statement would have saved it all. 

But the United States likes wars. They feed on the death of innocent children. They make money out of selling weapons to war-torn countries. Look at Israel, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen. Everybody knows who is the snake in the grass here. But nobody calls it out. 

Russia will win this war unless there is some miracle. But even if Russia takes Ukraine under its wing, it only means that it is also going near the NATO forces. So the war was inevitable. 

But one lie that Putin has started to believe is that Ukraine was always part of Russia. Kyiv has existed since 482 AD and Moscow since 1147. So do the math yourself. Ukraine has a long history of its own culture. It is separate from Russia and should be allowed to practice its democracy. 

One crystal clear thing to everyone is that the United States didn’t come to save Ukraine in its time of need. The capitalist will instead make money selling ammunition. 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President, is on the frontline. Why is Putin in his cabin? Why don’t they both fight it out and save millions of innocent lives? I know that that statement sounds so childish.

If you want to help Ukraine and confused where to start from, click here.

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