Indian Everest Climbers takes to photoshop course

Narendra Singh Yadav, Seema Rani Goswami and Naba Kumar Phukan, these are three climbers who in 2016 claimed that they summited Mount Everest. As proof, they posted pictures of their summit on social media platforms. Everyone congratulated them. Everything was going good until someone found that their summit pictures were photoshopped. They did everything right, its just the poor editing that dropped them from fame to 6 years of ban from climbing Nepal’s mountains. When our team asked for a comment from any of the trio, Naba Kumar came forward with this statement, “I told them to hire a good agency. There are unemployed kids who sit 2 hours a day before the screen and they do excellent photoshop. Its all Seema’s fault. She was so confident on photo editing that I had no other option. I have now enrolled myself for Adobe Photoshop crash course of 6 months. Wish I knew they had crash course on photo editing before. I even got 15% off on the total cost. Once I get my certificate, I am going to Kilimanjaro first and then K2. I am going to make India proud again.” The photoshop craze is taking India to new places and has even found its way to political party’s agenda. Our insider informer claims that almost all Indian political parties have students doing photoshop for them.

Seven Summit Treks who organized the trek for them said, “Narendra Singh Yadav approached us and said no one would know. We thought this is easy money and now we have been fined for US $450. Actually that’s nothing for us. We have good revenue flowing in. The Everest climb has become a good business now. Rich people with money buy the whole package and when they go for the climb they return within the first day. Our Sherpas love these kind of trekkers.” This whole incident has only made India proud and we thank all three mountaineers for their contribution to the nation.

If you wish to read the actual article on the incident click here.

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