Murderer Mother

She stabbed the knife in the chest, no blood gushed out as if the fountain of youth was robbed of its last drop. The dead body was cold and stiff. Time was running out, she needs to chop the body before the kids return from school. Out of nervousness she dropped the knife twice on the floor, her hands shaking.

Need help with cleaning? Call us at 180-765-765. Urban Home Cleaning, serving since 2010“, the advertisement on the television said. She almost picked her cellphone to call the cleaning service but dropped the plan at the last moment. It has to be a secret even though her kitchen was a mess.

She hit full volume on the television remote and switched the channel to MTV so that her neighbours cannot hear the sound of the saw cutting the body into pieces. She thought only once before going for the legs to start with. Half an hour passed and she had just cut half the body.

What will the kids say when they see the dead body lying in the kitchen. “Our mom is a murderer?

And so that’s why we bring to you ready to cook chicken. Just take it out of the plastic and place it on the pan. No hassle, just clean raw chicken. The children won’t even know that they are eating a dead body.

A dead body packed in a plastic container.

Do you eat dead bodies too? At least eat them fresh, not from the supermarket.

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