Rajkumar Thakuria the NEW HERO ASSAM needs

One of my friend recently tagged me to a Facebook post. The post was on a celebrity in Assam being named as the brand ambassador for the upcoming Assam election in 2021. Basically convincing people to come out of their house and vote. His name is Rajkumar Thakuria. Hold your breath and count till 10, till that time Mr. Rajkumar will release 2 films under your nose. He releases all his movies on YouTube for the public to view for free. Everybody watches South Indian movies right? You must have too. You were forced too, the channels won’t show anything else. There is always one comedian in that movie. Most of the time its the same face on most of the movies. Now combine 5 such comedians and you still can’t beat Mr. Rajkumar. His movies are so low budget, that even your trip to the local museum would seem expensive.

He is the director, actor, singer, producer, cinematographer and choreographer. He gets invited to the news channels, festivals and from what I’ve heard, college fests too. Now, see for yourself. This is his first film. Just click the video and you will know what you are getting into.

Super Warrior VOL. 1 – Mr. Rajkumar’s first movie.

Yes, it was him singing the intro song. He warns you too that all characters are fictitious. Mr. Rajkumar got so famous that even CarryMinati had to make a video on him. Check here.

Everyone in Assam watches his movies for laughs. He is being trolled every other day. But with years, he got serious fan following. There are netizens who would troll you out, if you troll Mr. Rajkumar. No one messes with Raku Da. Mr. Rajkumar is a bank employee and he makes all his movies in his free time.

Despite being trolled Mr. Rajkumar kept on making movies. He is focused. Its like he has a natural surround sound earphone stuck to his ears. He is not bothered by the noise people make about his movies. It’s his dedication towards his work that landed him this brand opportunity. There are many Assamese models in Mumbai right now who would do anything to get this deal. His face would be on billboard everywhere. I wish Mr. Rajkumar all the best. From all his interviews I could sense that he is a NO non-sense guy. Most of us wont be remembered after we die but Mr. Rajkumar would be celebrated forever. He is the kind of hero Assam needs. A true human being.

The love is real for Mr. Rajkumar


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