Sad guy reads news, finds out Bitcoin prices skyrocketed

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A lonely, sad guy in Guwahati, Assam is reported to be very excited and happy after he finds out that the price for Bitcoin went its all time high to $45,000. The guy was last seen this excited when he was invited to a friend’s birthday party. “I have never seen him this excited. I hope he returns my money now that he got some“, said his friend who wishes to be anonymous. Our team reached out to the guy and this is what he had to say, “I always believed the prices would go high. Elon made it possible for me. I am tired of smoking choti GoldFlake. My time has come, I am going for milds now. Watch out all the paan walas, I might be visiting your shop any day now. You better have the whole packet of milds for me. The 20 pack one“.

The paan walas are in fact waiting for him to clear his long dues.

India might ban cryptocurrency in coming months. There is a campaign going on asking the regulators to evaluate the proposal once again. Read the article here. If you wish to buy some till then, you can go to WazirX or Zebpay.

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