When Earth Broke in Two – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The Divide

General Zorgov was loosing patience. The New Earthers haven’t retaliated yet seeking revenge. He wanted it to get over, so that Earthlings can stop living in fear. Miguel and his platoon were all waiting by the signal receiver for any news of infiltration at their base.

Geetanjali on Miguel’s team, out of frustration burst with, “The reason they are taking so much time, makes me nervous. They must be planning a big attack. We should have killed those soldiers at the oil field when we had the chance, at least that would have reduced some enemies to fight. These New Earthers should all die and we get all of their resources.

They were us, you know that right? Some of us even have our family tree in that planet. Who knows the little kid you shot last month could be from your family. I only wait for the Final Day now. If we are dying anyway, why not today“, replied Miguel.

When Earth broke into Earth 1 and New Earth, its magnetic fields also parted. Since the magnetic fields have moved, the radiation coming from outer space is now intense and thus leading to reduced life expectancy on both the planets. Women were giving less birth, children were born weak and those who get born lived less years. The situation will only get worse with time. One day, when the magnetic fields will get to its low, life on both the planets will end.

If we are all dying, then why are we fighting? Why not exchange resources are live in harmony? Those high rank officials at the Head Party, why don’t they go to war for once? We are born just to obey them? Even Zorgov is a tool to them“, Geetanjali asked Miguel.

If I knew all your answers, I would have been in the Head Party myself“, Miguel whispered, “Don’t question them, they have ears everywhere. That’s how Varg got picked and we never saw him again. What are these New Earthers thinking, why are they not attacking!

Before Earth broke, it was dominated by two major groups. Religious Group and Atheist Group. Satan worshipers were under the umbrella of Religious Group since they believed in some higher power. The Atheist Groups didn’t believe in any higher power and were already setting up camps in other planets. These Groups did not stand The Divide, they all dropped their beliefs when they were sure that Earth would break in two. The fear of death, made even enemies friends. Humans from different countries made alliances and shifted to their choice of The Divide. The Asians, African and the Eastern Europeans created their alliance and formed the Head Party for Earth 1. The North and South Americans, Europeans and Middle Easterns formed New Earth. Most of the oil fields were in New Earth. The radiation was intense in New Earth and they were loosing their population faster than Earth 1. Earth 1 on the other hand had larger population but little resources to feed its Earthlings.

17 days after the raid, New Earthers finally attacked. They somehow got the coordinates for the defense bases and were targeting their rockets at it. Zorgov was furious, he was wondering how did the New Earthers get the coordinates for his base. Zorgov’s intelligence officer stood up from his chair and approached Zorgov who was watching the attack on the screen. “Our frequency has been compromised“, whispered the intelligence officer in Zorgov’s ear.

Someone leaked the frequency to New Earthers. Someone wanted it to get over. Check back in few days on our series’ Chapter 3.

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