When Earth Broke in Two – Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The Verdict

Miguel’s second missile killed all other Head Party members who might have survived the first one. With no other senior leader alive, General Zorgov is now the supreme leader of Earth 1. This is something which came to General Zorgov uninvited.

Stories of Miguel’s courage spread from one mouth to another since there was no active frequency on Earth 1. Some said, he did what he had to do to save the planet and others blamed him for killing all Head Party members. They claim that Miguel could have saved the Head Party members, and they were right too. But they had no proof so that he can be brought to trial. He gets a free card from General Zorgov suddenly one day over a television announcement. “We think, Soldier Miguel had no option, he did it for a better future. With power vested in me, I pardon him for the murder of Head Party members and award him the Medal of Valour for saving this planet. Miguel if you are hearing this, please report to the Headquarter as soon as possible. Earthlings, even though New Earth retreated, they will hit us again. We need to gear up for the new war which would only be harsh than the last one. Help build the community. Donate as much as you can“, announced General Zorgov on the television.

The intelligence officer, Ramanathan, asked his most trusted informer to find out how did the New Earthers infiltrate Earth 1’s frequency. Miguel was gearing up to meet his childhood hero, General Zorgov. Finally, he would thank General Zorgov who decades ago saved him from being killed by New Earthers. General Zorgov ordered his subordinates to reinstate a new frequency urgently. But inside his head, he was planning to end the war, he was planning to surrender again.

"This cannot be! Your information cannot be true", said Ramanathan.
"It is what it is. Its General Zorgov who leaked the frequency to the New Earthers. My sources have proof", the informer replied. 
"What proof do you have?"
"We have the last 8 digits of the transmission which is assigned to each defence personal. It was General Zorgov's assigned digits."
"But it could be someone else, who might have used his machine."
"But the day and time on which the message was transmitted, General Zorgov was at the Head Party office and we have visuals from the cameras where we can see him working on his machine. Its him, we are confirmed."
"But... why would he do that? It doesn't make any sense. I need to talk to someone else before we confront the General"
"My work is done here. I always respected the General and now I cannot face him. I would shoot him on his face if I see him infront of me."

The informer left the office leaving Ramanathan confused and shaken. Ramanathan, didn’t know who to trust anymore. And just then, Miguel walks in the room.

"Good Afternoon Sir, my name is Miguel. I was invited by the General to see him at his office. Can you please show me which way his office is?"

If Ramanathan could trust anyone there could no one be more trustworthy than Miguel, who risked his life alone for saving the planet. Ramanathan greeted Miguel, “Of course, who wouldn’t know the saviour of this planet. I am Major Ramanathan, I work in the Intelligence Department. Come let me guide you the General’s office.

They both exchanged salute. “So Miguel, before we meet the General, I want to show you something.

Ramanathan explained everything to Miguel. Miguel started sweating, as if it was him who leaked the frequency.

"We must alert everyone. Before General Zorgov sells us again to the New Earthers, we have to stop him", said Miguel furiously. His childhood hero is now his enemy.

Ramanathan and Miguel made a plan to expose General Zorgov before all Eathlings. But before they could do that, a vibration is felt by everyone at the Headquarter. Another attack by New Earth? Everyone got out to see what it was. Earth 1 was cracking again. People immediately knew that this is the Final End. Ramanathan forgot about General Zorgov’s betrayal. His focus was now on saving his own life.

Miguel ran towards General Zorgov’s office and kicked his door open.

"Why did you leak the frequency to the New Earthers? Why did you betray your own planet"
"Miguel, so its you. Isn't it clear why I did it? The Cracking is happening again. We all would die if we don't shift to New Earth soon. I made a pact with General Flavio. He would accept our surrender, then he would extract all our resources but we will also move with him to his planet. We need a new place to live Miguel."

General Zorgov knew the Final Day was near and continued saying, “And you only made it easy for me by killing all Head Party members. There is no one to challenge my decision now. We will be New Earthers, Miguel. You and me and all Earthers.”

Miguel broke down on his knees and started sobbing.

I will not leave my planet. They are our enemy. How do you expect all Earthers to accept this?”

I don’t have to convince them. They know by now that this planet will destroy itself in another 2 years. They either move to New Earth or they die here. The choice is their’s.”

The verdict is clear and strong. Work with your enemies and survive, or die with your pride.

General Zorgov announced the same verdict on television the next day. Scared and furious Earthers, once again got divided. Some will die on Earth 1, and some will shift to New Earth. General Flavio with his army landed on Earth 1 and started extracting all resources and transporting them to New Earth.

We are only left with the final chapter which would soon be available. Check back in some days to find out what Miguel does next. Will this patriot stay back or side with the enemy.

Until then read the story of a couple who parted ways because of a wrong emoji.

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