When Earth Broke in Two – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The Beginning of The End

Earthlings who agreed to shift to New Earth were each given a tag as a necklace. Its like a slave being transported from Africa to America in the ancient times when Earth existed. Miguel denied shifting to New Earth unlike General Zorgov and Ramanathan. General Zorgov was given a special tag that said High Earthling meaning, Zorgov is important and should be treated with respect on New Earth.

Earthlings were looting each other’s houses since there was no law in place anymore. Cities near to the coast were taken over by huge tsunamis, the cracking of the sea floor was more dangerous than that of the land. The shifting of the tectonic plates instantly resulted in weather change. Birds and animals were terrified as much as Earthlings. The magnetic field further broke down, leading to more radiation and less gravity. It was only a matter of few more days and Earth 1 would no longer exist.

Earthlings like Miguel who stayed back had no hope to be saved. They would wake up each day and see the sun go down without looking at the time. New Earthers were extracting the resources from Earth 1 as fast as possible in the meantime.

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General Flavio, the head of defence for New Earth, asked to see Miguel. He wanted to meet the Earthling who single handedly defeated New Earth forces. Miguel denied the request to meet the General, he said, “once an enemy always an enemy“.

Those who stayed back chose Miguel as their new leader. They would set a new colony. A new order. It would be called Old Earth, the true descendants of sapiens, the survivors. This was the beginning of the end.

General Flavio once again sends message for Miguel. “Join us and lead my force. General Zorgov is old and is no use to me. I need you. You have what it takes to be a leader. Someone who takes decisions and acts on it.

Miguel sends his reply as, “Give me Zorgov and I might join. Give my Earthlings the same status as New Earthers and I will surely shift to New Earth.

Geneal Flavio sets up a meeting between him, Miguel and General Zorgov. They would visit Miguel on Earth 1. On the day of the meeting, Miguel brings his Medal of Valour to present it to General Zorgov.

Here General Zorgov! Here is a medal for you. This is for your cowardice towards your planet. It’s you who deserve the Medal of Valour. You coward bastard“, screamed Miguel.

There is no need for such derogatory words“, General Flavio intervened.

Let him be, General Flavio. Let his anger burst on me. He would someday agree that I took the right decision. I saved millions of Earthlings from getting extinct in this solar system.

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While the three were talking, Miguel’s sniper was taking his spot to kill General Zorgov. Miguel was derailing the topic as much as possible.

Miguel said, “There is always a second option General. If you knew the planet will crack again, why did you take the decision all by yourself. Why didn’t you discuss this with other leaders. May be we could have fixed it. You thought your decision was the best. This is called the arrogance that comes with knowledge. You think you know everything, but you know only what you wanted to know. We could have saved the planet.

Gentleman, we are here to discuss the future and not the past. While we shall forever be haunted by our past, our future can make amends with it, if we do it right. Miguel, we need you. The Earthlings on New Earth respects you. They admire you. Come with us and bring the rest of the Earthlings to New Earth. We have enough resource and in some time we shall resume our exploration for other planets with resources“, said General Flavio.

Miguel saw his sniper at the spot and signalled him to shoot. The first bullet was shot and it hit General Flavio on the back of his head. General Flavio was dead at strike one.

While General Zorgov could make any sense out of the situation, a knife runs through his neck, slit opening his vein for the blood to kiss his motherland.

Both the Generals were dead. Miguel initiated The Beginning of The End.

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