When Earth Broke in Two – Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The Surrendering

Leave her be, she is not getting up. Get yourself to the bunker. Somebody turn the engine on for the mini-propeller ship, I am going after them“, shouted Miguel, covered in dust. Geetanjali was dead. The impact from the missile pushed her up to the nearby sharpened axe upon which her head fell, her skull cracked open. There was black smoke everywhere. The Earthlings expected the retaliation but not as intense as this. The defense forces were surrounded.

A harsh voice on the frequency announced, “Earthlings! Hear me, this is General Flavio. I hope by now you have guessed that we have cracked your frequency. Any plan you make on your frequency is now public to us. There is no use in wasting much time. Surrender, and you shall live to see the day. You have 2 hours. All Head Party members and General Zorgov to report to us within 2 hours with your final call. You know how to contact us now“. General Flavio is the head of defense for New Earth and led the attack on Earth 1.

General Zorgov knew that it was useless to reach out to Head Party on the compromised frequency. He asked the intelligence officer, Ramanathan, to arrange a secret vehicle to meet the Head Party members. But Ramanathan spoke with a trembling voice, “Sir, its not safe for you to go out now. We cannot loose you, the whole defense force will fall if something happens to you.” To which General Zorgov replied, “Then I have no option but to bypass the Head Party without consulting them. I am left with no option but to surrender to the New Earth force. Let the public relation office know that I am making an announcement on the television on behalf of all Earthlings.” All nearby defense officers in the room shook by surprise on hearing Zorgov utter the word, ‘surrender’. They never heard Zorgov speak of surrender any day before. This was not the man who killed hundreds in his younger days.

Anybody who has a better option than this, please speak up now. We are not able to communicate with Head Party and I have taken this decision by the authority bestowed upon me“, a confident yet lost Zorgov announced.

Miguel on the other hand was able to reach out to the mini-propeller ship under the dust and black smoke. He turned it on and could see on its screen, that it had only two missiles loaded. His best chance was to escape the New Earth destroyer ships and hit the Head Party office with both the missiles. If he could do that, that would break the communication between all New Earth destroyer ships on Earth 1’s atmosphere, even his own. Since New Earth cannot use their own frequency on Earth 1, Miguel’s plan was to destroy Earth 1’s frequency mother machine. Miguel was AWOL.

While Miguel was planning the attack all by himself, General Zorgov was already live on television, “Earth 1’s Earthlings, I come with sad news that we have been attacked by New Earthers and are left with no option but to surrender. I am taking this decision with the power vested in me by the Head Party Office. In another 1 hour, I will no longer be the General for Earth 1. Your new General will be General Flavio from New Earth. I only hope you will forgive me in your heart. General Flavio, please accept this as our surrender. I guess you are listening to this.”

On the New Earth spaceship, an officer approaches General Flavio with the surrender message from Earth 1, “General, Earth 1 has surrendered. Their General announced it on television“. Upon hearing this General Flavio started talking to himself with a grin on his face, “Finally Zorgov, you kept your word. Such a pity. Earth 1’s very own hero betrayed Earth 1. No fun in such win.

Boom! A missile strikes the Head Party office. It broke all frequency communication within Earth 1. Even New Earth spaceships lost their communication. And with that New Earth just lost a war, which they were winning few minutes ago. Miguel launched the second missile, he wanted to make sure all Head Party leaders were dead. With no communication, the New Earth spaceships started retreating Earth 1. Miguel saved Earth 1 from surrendering.

Why did General Zorgov betray Earth 1? How did he pass the frequency to New Earthers? Catch us back on Chapter 4.

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