Wrong Emoji Leads to Divorce 😢

When Richard sent that unforgiving emoji to his wife, he thought it was the only right thing to do. Their friends say it was the last nail in the coffin. Richard was not very well updated with the world of emojis. I think many of us fall in that same bucket. Things were not going so great between Richard and Esther. They both studied at the same university and met at its centenary celebration when Esther mistook Richard for a caterer and asked for a napkin. Richard without a blink of an eye, took out his pen and wrote his number and passed it on to Esther. Esther noticed the number on the napkin and asked Richard if he was studying medicine cause his handwriting sucked, “That’s the top ten worst handwriting I have seen.” Richard replied with “Its because I wrote it on my lap, I have a very good handwriting I promise. I am studying microbiology, my name is Richard. Do you wanna grab a drink?” They grabbed that drink and the rest is history. Esther studied history at the university. She spoke for hours on how much she loved history. Richard was trapped.

They were married for 6 years. Richard used to blast Judas Priest on Sundays and that’s what Esther disliked the most. She wanted Richard to go to church with her that day but Richard would scream “Hell Bent, Hell Bent for Leather” as his reply to her invitation. “Fucking Halford and his bike, Satan’s child spreading anger and rebellion” Esther would scream.

Judas Priest performing Hell Bent for Leather Live

Heavy music was one of the things that created the crack in their relationship. Richard not showing up to malls to pick her up, Esther continuously blabbering about how great Genghis Khan was and how he ruled most of the land, Richard puking in the kitchen basin and not wanting to puke at bathroom, Esther ironing Richard’s metal t-shirts, these were just the tip of the iceberg. The relationship got into the deepest pit when both of them were added to the same WhatsApp Group. “I mean, I have never been added to a WhatsApp group before. What am I supposed to do there? Do I reply to every meme with a smiley? What do I do when someone passes away? Do I send a thumbs up or a crying face? I was so confused. And on that unforsaken day, I just replied with a crying face🤣 to my wife’s comment where she wrote, “Hey guys, I have been fired from my job. If someone has a job in sight please let me know“, said Richard. His friends later told him that that emoji was not a sad-crying😢 emoji but a happy-crying emoji🤣. Esther had the worst day of her life and that smiley put her to the final breakdown. She filed for divorce. Even after divorce Esther is upset with the fact that Richard still blasts out Black Sabbath and Deep Purple on weekends. “I think everything happens for a reason, that smiley changed our life forever. I am not sure if I should thank that smiley or be upset with it 😂

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