Youngsters to older people, all gearing up for cheap alcohol in Assam

With the Assam elections knocking at the door, the Finance Ministry of Assam has announced that liquor will be made cheap starting February 13, 2021. Analysts have warned that there will be a lot of No-Shows(boys) on the valentine’s day date. Girls are being advised to keep a track on their boyfriend’s activity on the day before Valentine’s so that they don’t consume the cheaply available liquor till late night. The Valentine’s Day Girls Association of Assam have issued a notice that any boy who comes with alcohol smell on date will be banned from kissing their girlfriends. The Boys Association on the other hand have replied with a counter-notice that if any such action is taken, the girls have to bear the full cost of the date. While the heated conversation from both the parties continue, single guys started calling their single friends on deciding which brand of alcohol to buy.

Assam finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma have announced that the government has decided to drop 25 percent cess on alcohol, which was imposed to meet healthcare expenses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. So in a way, the prices are not getting dropped, they are being readjusted to what they were before Covid. Blogging sites like us are utilizing this news to drive traffic to their website.

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